People relevant to Pronto and Pronto Lectures

Who played a role in the creating of Pronto

Pronto Founders

Bert Noorman is to be considered the founder and patriarch of Pronto. Bert worked closely together with Adosh van der Heijden and Michael Oosterhout in the Pronto core-competence group to extend and improve Pronto based on their experiences and discussions. See the History page for more details on this.

Name Current / Profile Discription
Bert Noorman Founder of Pronto
Adosh van der Heijden
Michael Oosterhout

Pronto Core-team Leadership

In the period of 2006 and 2011 Pronto was actively supported by the business development within Sogeti Netherlands. In the periode after 2011 the mantel to keep the legacy alife was passed on within the community of professionals.

Name Current / Profile Discription
Pieter Veefkind

Pronto Lectures scribes

Edzo Botjes and Ton Euterbrock vollunteerd to write down the pronto knowledge into a website. Until today the knowledge on Pronto primary exists in the heads, minds and memory of the original founds of Pronto. The goal is that professionals, fans and academics can find the knowledge and experience on Pronto via the internet.

To write down and conserve the knowledge for future generations.

Name Current / Profile Discription
Edzo Botjes
Ton Eusterbrock

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